DenTeach™ is a sophisticated technology that is used to achieve high precision, haptic-enabled, instructor-oriented training

DenTeach™ utilizes its advanced hardware to enhance the transfer of knowledge from instructor to student



The DenTeach™ student workstation comes with our own specially designed drill that synchronizes with the forces and vibrations of the instructor's drill, allowing for students to experience exactly what the instructor was doing through visual, audio, feel, and posture cues.

360° View

DenTeach™ will allow students to get a 360-degree view of the instructor's actions using 4 separate integrated cameras letting students always see the actions of the instructor.

The Compact Design

Allows students to take their DenTeach™ workstations home with them and increasing the convenience of finding time to practice different real-world scenarios.

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24/7 Access To Course Sessions

Enabling dental instructors to have all students in a virtual classroom or pre-clinical laboratory and take attendance.

AR-Based Video Integration

Switching between the 4 video feeds to better understand the tool handling and the way a the task should be done, while an augmented reality feature helps to correct their posture.


Allowing each student to automatically scan their dental prep and visualize their work in a VR environment.


Accurate Grading

The DenTeach™ instructor workstation can take the information gathered by students actions and translate it into quantifiable data that is easily gradable.

Pre-Record Lessons

Instructors can pre-record their lessons so that students can practice on their workstations at home.

Make Corrections

Real-time quantitative data will allow you to better understand how to correct inefficient movements.

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DT-Class Manager™

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Virtual Classroom

Enabling dental instructors to have all students in a virtual classroom or pre-clinical laboratory and take attendance.

Performance Manager

Enabling instructors to review and monitor each student’s performance using several key performance indicators (KPIs), synchronously or asynchronously.


Allowing the instructor to use the outcome of the DT-PrepScanner to mark the student’s dental prep while automatically being invigilated by our camera streaming system .


High-Accuracy Prep Measurement

Giving students access to an accurate and high-quality prep grader employing a robotics and laser technology.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Having access to a virtual tutor and perform self-assessment on dental preps

Quantitative Feedback and Comprehensive Report

Receiving immediate feedback on measurements of a dental prep with an accuracy as low as 20 microns.

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VR-Based Rendering

Automatic measurement of the dimension and angles of a dental prep and visualizing the 3D and 2D models using an interactive graphical user interface (GUI).

A Library of Course Rubric

Access to a library of course rubrics set by the instructor available in cloud

Performance Manager

Enabling instructors to review and mark each student’s prep without using any physical tools.


  • Application of DenTeach in Remote Dentistry Teaching and Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Case Study

    Contributors: The University of Alberta, University of Manitoba, University of Saskatchewan, Zhejiang University (China), Manitoba Dental Association (Canada), and Dental Council of India and Indian Dental Association (India)

    As a solution to help dental schools adapt to the pandemic, we have developed a compact and portable teaching-learning platform called DenTeach. This platform is intended for remote teaching and learning about dental schools at these unprecedented times. Click here to download the document.

  • RoboEthics in COVID-19: A Case Study in Dentistry

    Contributors: Manitoba Dental Association (Canada), University of British Columbia (Canada), Ryerson University (Canada)

    In this paper, the principles of roboethics and how these can be applied in the new era of COVID-19 are discussed. The focus is on identifying the most relevant ethical principles and applying them to a case study in dentistry education. Click here to download the document.

  • Vibrotactile method, apparatus, and system for training and practicing dental procedures (PCT/CA2019/051190, US62/725,253, CA3110725A1)

    This invention relates to training tools used by an apprentice to practice dental procedures, and more particularly the present invention relates to a training system and method of use of the training system. Click here to download the document.

  • Automated dental articulator and method for training and practicing dental procedures (US17/115,166)

    This invention relates to an automated dental articulator training system that has one or more apprentice's workstations that use data acquired from an instructor's workstation. Click here to download the document.

  • Automated apparatus and method for quantifying dimensions of dental preparations (US63/164,759)

    This invention relates to an automated measurement system for providing the measurements of one or more teeth for use by an expert dentist or a dental instructor to assess the dental performance of one or more dental apprentices or students. Click here to download the document.

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